Photo of Dmitrii Usynin

Dmitrii Usynin

Imperial College Union President

Another year, same old unicorn.

Where was our president when meat-free mondays were introduced? Where was our president when H-bar stopped serving food? Where was our pre - No, my dear students, we have been alone all these years.

Inability of the union to understand how student volunteering works nearly resulted in cancellation of one of the biggest (and most profitable) student led events. What next? Derailing student societies?

Students voice has not been taken into account for far too long. I campaign for the many, not for the next-to-no-one. I will fight for your right to prosperity, truth, and bliss.

Hardest choices require strongest wills. It will never be easy to realize that one unicorn makes more sense than an entire sabbatical team this year. But once you do, there is no way back.

There is so much more I want to write, but this margin is too small to contain it. Let my actions speak louder than any words. Make ICU great. For once.

Endorsed by Paul Balaji and balanced well with some memes. As all things should be.