Photo of Abhijay Sood

Abhijay Sood

Imperial College Union President

I’m Abs.

For three years, I’ve worked to improve things at Imperial. As an academic rep, I fought to end the zero-tolerance policy on late coursework, and for a Life Sciences common room. I brought paid 4th year undergraduate teaching assistants to my department, giving first-years extra support. I’ve been on the RCSU’s executive committee, and currently sit on Trustee Board, overseeing finances and governance across the Union.

I’m running for Union President because for all its strengths, Imperial could do much more for us. Student services are cut every year despite our ~£80m surplus. I’ve seen first-hand how far-reaching changes to our degrees can be made without consulting students, or even academic staff.

The Union behaves similarly, with bureaucratic hurdles making engagement difficult, and students excluded from decision-making.

This needs to change.

I believe together, we can:

- Pay student staff the London Living Wage, in line with other London universities
- Get the room-booking system automated
- Resist proposed cuts to Reynolds bar
- Improve transparency: keep students informed regarding major decisions

- Take a stand against cuts to catering outlets (e.g. h-bar) and other student services
- Fight for student space and a stronger counselling provision
- End unethical investments

My plan to change Imperial is simple: increase student representation on high-level College committees. I am already working towards this with senior academics. With this approach, we can improve all areas of university life, from campus services to our curricula.

For meaningful change, #voteAbs for Union President.