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Suraiya Haddad

Pharmacology: President


I’m Suraiya Haddad, I’m a second-year medic and I’m running to be Pharmacology Society president!

I really like how Pharmacology is such a broad topic that touches all areas of medicine and I have very much enjoyed the course this year.

I know I will be a great president because I love working with others, I’m reliable and I’m a very good leader.

I have experience of co-ordinating big events, I was speaker co-ordinator for Clinical Genetics society this year and I played a pivotal role in the success of our inaugural conference. I have worked in a team for many different societies and projects including in my role as Hall Senior, in DofE and in the Head Girl team at school and I take my commitments seriously.
I will endeavour to increase participation in Pharmacology Society events. I’d like to ensure the society runs tutorials, careers events, charity fundraisers and external speaker events, attracting speakers from both the clinic and the lab. An information evening on the Pharmacology BSc and other academic events, such as critiquing articles and getting research placements are also things I would like to see the society to provide. I want to encourage more of a Pharmacology Society community too, with social events. :)

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