Photo of Dara Vakili

Dara Vakili

GradMed (Medics): President

Gradmeds are growing in numbers, and this year ICSM has seen its biggest intake yet. This is the perfect opportunity to turn GradMed society into something amazing. I recognise that our needs are different to the normal undergraduate, we have come to university [AGAIN?!?!??? - WHY? ;) ] and are more established by our living, social, and academic disposition.

My seconder Jess and I want to bring the following points of change to provide more academic and social opportunities - without being overbearing:

- More teaching opportunities: You bring a unique set of skills, and in addition to the teaching opportunities organised by IC staff, we can provide more opportunities both between ourselves, and to teach others in IC

- A seminar series to run twice a year: This is a chance for you to present any research, innovative, or analytical project. We aim to find 3 grads to present in each session for no more than 20 minutes including questions. Full feedback for learning will be returned.

- Monthly sports bash: To get a break from studies and to try something new, we will run a sports bash on a Wednesday afternoon once a month (or so) to get people together to try a new sport or to team up and play an afternoon round of games. This can be anything, so far year 1 has had climbing, scooting, blading and skating.

- Last and not least, we will have monthly (or so) socials, mixing it with bar chills, activities, and boat parties of course ;)