Photo of Ruben Colindres Zuehlke

Ruben Colindres Zuehlke

Biochemistry: Departmental Wellbeing Representative

I want to become the next Wellbeing representative as i am eager to champion your interests concerning your overall Well-being during your time at Imperial. Whether its improving mental well-being, standing up for physical health issues or handling diversity and equality concerns, I want to make sure that you have the best experience at Imperial possible through driving real progress in improving our Wellbeing throughout the department. I have been Well-being representative for the past 2 years which makes me well aware of the processes and the personell in the department. As departmental wellbeing representative i want to primarily improve the lack of space for social interaction within the department by pushing the agenda for a common room in SAF further as well as creating biweekly lunch events for you to engage in interesting activities with your fellow students throughout the years. I further want to increase mental health awareness as well as making College services more available to students. Moreover, i want to encourage careers events for a multitude of different industries as i have identified a lot of students to have a struggle to find certain drive or motivation for their degree. I want to recourse the focus on the transcendent skills conveyed by our course such as connective, analytical, scientific thinking and introduce people to you that have used these skills to make a career for themselves whether in science, creative industries, sustainability or literally anywhere else. So vote for me to have your voice heard