Photo of Isabelle Zhang

Isabelle Zhang

Biochemistry: Departmental Academic Representative

Hi everyone!

I’m Isabelle, one of your current Academic Reps. My experiences in this position have helped me learn the workings of the staff office and the RCSU, and allowed me to see how student feedback is turned into real change through both these channels. Furthermore, I have come to understand the problems Biochem students face at every level of study.

I believe I have the relevant knowledge, experience, and attitude to be efficient in this role!

If elected, I would:
- Ensure the department curriculum review of second year teaching is constructive and comprehensive, with special focus to the maths and physics content;
- Increase the effectiveness and use of PAL sessions by Y1 students, by getting the Y1 reps to compile student concerns and relay this to PAL mentors. The flexibility of the focus of PAL sessions would be emphasized;
- Work closely with other Life Science Departmental Reps to push through construction of a common room for Life Science students;
- Keep in close contact with all year reps, exchange students, and students on year in industry/management;
- Coordinate feedback from the Y3/Y2 reps to Y2/Y1 reps, ensuring students know what to expect and how to prepare (e.g. maintain close relationships with personal tutors throughout Y1/Y2 so that high-quality recommendation letters can be written in Y3)

I loved my time as Year Rep, and I hope I can bring my enthusiasm to this new role. Thanks for reading! Vote Isabelle!