Photo of Xiuchen Xu

Xiuchen Xu

VegSoc: Co-chair

Vegsoc is my favourite society, and I have thoroughly enjoyed all the amazing events that I have attended. I love everything the society stands for, and I hope to be elected as co-chair so I can contribute to Vegsoc, help organise wonderful events, as well as make sure the society continues to progress. I believe I am qualified too, as I have had the experience of being on the committee of Biomed Soc, for which I have done various roles ranging from managing social media to organising events. If I am elected, I will aim to bring about more amazing monthly dinners, provide information and resources for people who want to become more plant-based, and also organise more events relating to the environment and animal welfare.

More specifically, if I am elected I will try to:
1) Help Vegsoc find sponsors, and have more subsidied events.
2) Have more events collaborating with other Universities.
3) Continue to organise events with guest speakers (and have free food for those events!).
4) Potentially start a website to provide information on a plant-based lifestyle, with info about vegetarian/vegan options at Imperial, South Kensington, near student halls and popular accomodation places.
5) I would also love to hear everyone's ideas and improve the society/organise events based on them.

It would make miso berry happy if I got elected, so peas vote for me <3

Thank you for your thyme!