Photo of Jiano Pulickal

Jiano Pulickal

Geophysics: Events and Publicity Officer

Dear Royal Miners,

I'm Jiano, a second-year geophysicist and I'm running for Events and Publicity Officer, as you can see I've got the full support and backing from our previous publicity officer.

Publicity officer is a fundamental role, one that ensures that we get as much awareness about the wonderful events run by GPS, ranging from talks to socials.
Expect more events, with the return of pub golf (let's hope I make it to the end this time) and pub quiz, let's make the Hill Cup interesting again. I'll ensure we keep doing fantastic talks like the DUG one earlier this year and make sure there are enough networking events and geophysics talks to satisfy your geophysical needs.

There will be posters, regular facebook and insta posts to keep you up to date and well aware of the fun events that'll be taking place. Pizzas and beers are sure to be at every single event!
With all this taken into consideration I think i'd be good for this role because I'm organised; fun and outgoing and creative.

Lots of love
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