Photo of Madeleine Laidlaw

Madeleine Laidlaw

Geophysics: Vice President

Hello all,
My name is Maddie Laidlaw, and I'm running for GPS Vice President 2019-2020. I believe I have the experience and the skills in order to be a successful VP for Geophysics Society.

My role as GPS Social Secretary thisyear, co-organising the 2019 GPS Tour to Iceland, has taught me a lot about the society. Through creating the 2019 tour, I've become confident with the world of Union processes, which is a large advantage coming into this role. I've also been an active committee member helping out at a range of events, from Industry Talks to Outreach Day.

Furthermore, organising tour has shown that I am organised, proactive, and have endless enthusiasm for GPS. Through the skills I learned in organising tour, I am confident that I will be able to arrange tour regalia and an industry guest speaker. Tour has taught me to be patient, and to work efficiently and productively with other people.

As VP, my duties would be to support the president, and most importantly, the officers. My invaluable experience on past GPS events, like our talks, outreach events, and especially tour, would allow me to assist those officers in their roles next year. My personal skills would allow me to handle my personal tasks, and further the goals of the Geophysics Society and its members.

Have a lovely day, and vote Maddie for GPS VP 2019-2020!
xoxo GPS love