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Bethany Grant

Geophysics: Vice President

Hi, I'm Beth and I'm running for Vice President of GPS. I am a third year geophysicist and I really want to get more involved with the GPS and help provide a fun academic and social experience for ESE students. I’m keen to get more people involved in GPS talks and socials. As I have previously been captain on RSM Hockey committee, I have what it takes to be the best VP. I am fully committed, not afraid to take on responsibility and I am GREAT at working in a team. I will be able to support the committee, especially the president, with any tasks required. I am inspired to build on the successful outreach event run by the GPS, after helping with last year's. I want to get a range of interesting talks throughout the year, calling on the industry relationships GPS has made this year.

Please vote for me as Vice President of GPS!! xx