Photo of Benjamin Santhouse-James

Benjamin Santhouse-James

Geophysics: Tour Officer

My name is Ben Santhouse and I’m a first year Geophysics student who’s running to be Tour Officer next year.
The RSM is a tight-knit community and one of the reasons the department is so social is due to the bonding that happens on our geosciencey/piss up (in varying proportions) trips. Therefore, finding tours that are both appealable and affordable would be a key aim for me. Unlike previous Tour Officers, I would hope that myself and my co-Tour Officer would be able to provide several options with rough costs for the society to vote on prior to making a decision. After all, we know how well democracy works!
I would also work with the Sponsorship Officer to seek sponsorship to subsidise the costs; my experience as Corporate Liaison Officer for the Energy Society will likely prove helpful in this regard. Current thoughts for destinations closer to home would include Sicily and the Strombolian Islands, Norway’s fjords and Morocco, whilst more adventurous options would include Colombia, the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia and Nyiragongo’s active lava lake in the DRC (the last two subject to the security situation at the time, but hey Alex Whittaker is already preparing us for a career of bribery and paying off guerrilla groups in lawless dictatorships). Having first independently planned and travelled at the age of 16 to Costa Rica, my travel experience combined with A-level Geography atlas skills will put you in good hands.
I look forward to answering any questions you may have.