Photo of Oliver Taylor-Rose

Oliver Taylor-Rose

Geophysics: Treasurer

Dear Friends,
My name is Ollie (OTR) and I am currently a 2nd-year Geophysicist.

GPS is a great society. Its fieldtrips, socials and tours speak for themselves when showing how fun and exhilarating the society can be. Not only that, GPS is committed to catering for everyone, its inclusivity is a real credit to the society, so whether you’re looking to get more involved, learn a little more or just want a couple free brews with your pals, GPS is there.

A Treasurer is fundamentally involved in the money management side: approving budgets, writing financial reports and auditing the clubs expenses. This is crucial to having a functioning society, where the best bits are only possible, when the money side is right.
The club is currently deep in its overdraft (I’m sure many can relate). My pledge is simple: I want to get us back to zero. Although a substantial challenge, I believe I am the right person for the job, due to my care for detail and love of numbers. This is a field I am currently considering for jobs applications, so am very interested in getting some personal experience, and whilst I stated a standard Treasurer’s role above, I will be reaching further – helping the committee to raise extra funds alongside maintaining a strict budget.

I will relish the opportunity to succeed in a role with large responsibility as well as be part of an approachable, committed and strong committee that serves the people of GPS.
Vote OTR.