Photo of Tobi Omotowa

Tobi Omotowa

Geophysics: Outreach Officer

Dear fellow Miners,

Hi! My name is Tobi. I am currently a 2nd year geophysicist.

I believe the Outreach Officer is a vital role; one that helps to develop future students and gets as many people interested in earth science as possible.

As a student whose been here for almost 2 years now, I have seen a lot of what makes RSM great, and would love to advise talented students on what it’s like to study in higher education. I’d like to think I’m good working with young adults, and would take this role enthusiastically if I get voted in.

I’d love to get as many students volunteering for Outreach Day. To give everyone the opportunity to participate and communicate with students about their time in RSM and show the true breath of diversity we have to offer.

As soon as I could, I would apply for grants to fund the Outreach Day with the team, to make it as enjoyable as possible to both the public coming in, and students who wish to contribute.

I work great with a team and would have no trouble helping to produce the prospector magazine with the DLB.

I think I am well equipped to deal with this large responsibility. I have great organisation skills, communication and am a quick thinker. I look forward to working alongside the committee next year.

For success, vote for the best!! Vote Tobi!!