Photo of Savvas Marcou

Savvas Marcou

Geophysics: Outreach Officer

In 2018, the GPS run its first ever Outreach Event, hosting a school from Milton Keynes at Imperial and ESE for the afternoon. Evaluation leaves little room for discordant readings; the event was a hit. Building on this success, I will aim for a memorable 2019 event for all involved, to ultimately consolidate the Outreach Day as a GPS mainstay. To this end, I will pool my event organizer experience (senior organizer of the highly successful MEDIMUN conference back in my native Cyprus in 2017 and 2018), as well GCSE tutoring experience.
For 2019, my aim will be to attract a school from a disadvantaged area (with the help of the College Outreach team), whose students can benefit the most from outreach events. The day will still be based on the efficient multi-station format, with students rotating between different theme areas, but I will also aim to enrich the experience with more topics within the scope of Earth Science. For next year’s event, I will plan to further enhance the student experience by adding a competitive element, whereby student teams will compete in a ‘Grand Quiz’ at the end of the day, after which the Earth Champions team will be crowned!
If elected, I will seek to engage with the RSMU’s newly installed Outreach Officer, as well with MatSoc, to explore the possibility of organizing a larger, RSM-wide Outreach event, in addition to the GPS’ own event, to give us further opportunities to engage with the Miners of the future!