Photo of Samuel Ferris

Samuel Ferris

Consultancy: Vice President: Corporate Relations

Hi, I’m Sam, a Mechanical Engineering student coming into my fourth year of study following a Year in Industry at Deloitte Consulting working on their Strategic Alliance with Amazon across EMEA.

I joined ICCS as a Corporate Relations Associate, generating strategies for increasing the effectiveness of the society’s sponsorship proposal, before becoming the Vice President of Marketing & Technology last year. From my experience within these roles, it is clear that considerable improvements to Corporate Relations are possible. Having benefited massively from the society’s events and as an ICG project associate, I am driven to attract new companies to our society to increase financial income and generate more successful industry training and events partnerships, in order to provide the best possible experience for members.

I plan to do this by:
- Appealing to a wider range of sponsors such as technology companies who have a consulting practice.
- Using data-driven strategies to attract sponsors, demonstrating the value of sponsorship investment through generating key performance metrics.
- Improving the retention of sponsors through a loyalty program.
- Approaching potential sponsors in new ways, such as at career events and a greater emphasis on LinkedIn.

I believe that my experience within the society and my relationships formed through internships in the industry with Deloitte, Amazon and TTP will enable me to hit the ground running in executing this plan.

If elected, I look forward to investing considerable time in this role, remaining open to any ideas members may have to improve our societies corporate relationships.

Thank you!