Placeholder candidate photo

Ming Wong

Consultancy: Vice President: Corporate Relations

If elected, I wish to:
• Connect with start-ups or less competitive firms that recruit interns for consulting roles, so that members who are not in their penultimate year or did not manage to secure any internships can still get consulting-related work experience (I understand that getting a competitive graduate job is VERY difficult without relevant experience on your CV!)
• Look for ways to maximise society funding with the priority of subsidising society events, e.g. case trainings conducted by external consultants
• Maintain current relations with our partnering firms, and improve where possible

Why I am the person for this role:
• I have experience pitching to investors and interacting with business professionals as I am heavily involved in start-ups
• As a marketing and sponsorship director during my college years, I managed to exceed sponsorship goals by up to 200%
• I have experience drafting pitch decks and compiling fundraising documents for a property investment start-up where I currently work part-time
• Other committee members (and society members where necessary) will always be consulted before I make any major decisions that involve our communication with partnering firms, so that messages conveyed to partnering firms are always representative of the society as a whole