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Manmohan Malik

Consultancy: Vice President: Corporate Relations

Hi there,

My name is Manny and I’m running for the position of VP (Corporate Relations) at ICCS.

The Consultancy society is a platform for students looking to step into consulting, and my goal is to provide each member with an opportunity, experience, or skill that will bring them one step closer to entering this challenging industry.

If elected, as VP of Corporate Relations, my objectives for this upcoming year are as follows:
1) Co-ordinate with firms in the industry to organize workshops/events tailored towards a particular goal. E.g. CV Workshop held at Imperial, a case-study insight day at the firm’s office in London, and inspirational talks given by experts in the industry.
2) Collaborate with the Imperial Consulting Group (ICG) to provide both diverse and high-quality projects from a variety of industries, giving an opportunity to members to find a project that interests them.
3) Develop new relationships with external companies for sponsorships, promotions, and events, while still maintaining relationships with previous companies.

Moreover, as an incoming spring intern at KPMG in their Advisory division, I believe that I will be able to develop an important network which will aid me in facilitating events and provide opportunities to students looking to enter this industry.

Thank you for reading my manifesto, and feel free to get in contact with me if there are any questions you have with my ideas and/or objectives. I can be contacted through my email at