Photo of Artem Voronov

Artem Voronov

Consultancy: Vice President: Corporate Relations

Consulting is a key industry for Imperial students. The main function of the Consultancy society is to facilitate the transition to employment through educational events, case studies, career fairs and networking. However, all of this is completely dependent on sponsor support, and sound functioning of the society requires strong and stable industry ties. As Corporate Relations VP it would be my job to ensure we retain current sponsors, attract new ones, but most importantly design sponsorship contracts with our members’ best interests in mind. Upon election, I suggest the following improvements.
• Attract sponsorship from boutique consulting firms in addition to large companies, creating more diversified career opportunites for members. Furthermore, I would encourage their participation in educational events, as well as existing competitions.
• Promote a fast-track application scheme to current sponsors, allowing members to skip the initial assessment stages. For example, this could be done based on the members’ performance in sponsor-supervised competitions and events.
• Given the huge proportion of international students at Imperial, I would diversify sponsorship to not only include UK business divisions but overseas too.
• Encourage non-London divisions of large firms to sponsor current events.
• Organise series of assessment centre/case study training workshops which would be administered by some of our current sponsors as part of the sponsorship agreement. To facilitate this, the events could be run by alumni consultants or in Webinar format.
Vote for stronger industry ties, which allow the society to help more members achieve their goals.
-Artem Voronov, MEng graduate, Year 1 PhD.