Photo of Igor Fomenkov

Igor Fomenkov

Consultancy: President

Dear members of the Consultancy society,

After running Case Study Club for almost a year now, I am eager to step in as the next Consultancy President to continue driving our society forward.

Without further ado, below are the three main points of my program:

1. Introducing more opportunities for the beginning of your consulting career:
- Making a list of 60+ consulting firms hiring interns and recent graduates
- Collaborating with the boutique companies on the possibility for our members to skip the first stages of their recruitment process
- Organising consulting career fair in cooperation with other London universities

2. Directly assisting with the interview preparation:
- Setting up a free online platform that contains all the necessary materials for your upcoming interviews. No more need to spend hours searching for them online !
- Running several largely subsidised trainings with ex-MBB consultants

3. Encouraging Imperial students to step into the consulting industry:
- Creating a large alumni network, which will connect current Imperial students with the consultants from the top firms
- Organising additional events on White City and Hammersmith campuses
- Giving an introductory presentation about the opportunities in the area of consulting at the beginning of the next academic year
- Putting a huge emphasis on case championships, which will both help you to deeper understand day-to-day work of a consultant and add an extra achievement on your CV

If you have a similar vision, vote for me by clicking the button below, it’s time to make those changes become real !