Photo of Hao Lee

Hao Lee

Consultancy: President

My name is Alex and I am a 3rd Year Civil Engineering student; I currently play an active part in ICCS as Vice President (CFAS).

Having worked closely with VP Corporate Relations in providing the best ICCS has seen in the last few years, I believe that to maintain this growth, a member-oriented approach is key. As president, I will ensure the sustainability of the society, highlighted below are 3 aims to address this.

i) Opportunities for members to gain real life consulting experience
Earlier this year, collaboration efforts between ICCS and London Strategic Consulting (LSC) were unsuccessful due to logistical reasons regarding recruitment period. My aim is to solidify this partnership without causing a conflict of interest between the two by ensuring that recruitment periods do not coincide and that ICG's standards would not be at risk whilst providing increased consulting opportunities for members.

ii) Sponsorship & Partners
The current committee's efforts have put us in an excellent position, my aim would be to work with VP Corporate Relations to ensure that pitchbook and data insights are at its best so as to maintain current sponsors for the following academic year as well as increasing the number of partners to make up for the ones who would potentially not be renewing their contracts.

iii) Receivables from Sponsors
Ensure that invoices and claims from companies are processed more effectively so that money can then be streamlined back into the Society at a faster rate to increase the overall quality of events.