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Aparna Pillai

Women in SET: Event Organiser

Heyy guys!!

My name is Aparna and I am a first year Physics student!!

As someone who has always been an advocate for the equal rights and opportunities for men and woman, I would be so grateful to contribute to a society which focusses on doing just that. From my experience in Women in SET, it was created as a platform for women to be exposed to the opportunities that are available to us, but at the same time, the society is not limited to just woman, it is inclusive to men too. From this understanding that I have, I believe that Women in SET tries to provide people with an opportunity to make experiences with people of similar interests in a much more intimate way than a careers event, or conference would.

I would be honoured to work with likeminded people and help create moments through event organisation that can facilitate this.

I also have various experience in event organisation such as the TEDx conference I organised at my school last year, several spoken word events I've organised, and many extra-curricular activities that I've led such as MUN (model united nations), CanSat (a satellite modelling competition team), and representing my year in physics here at Imperial and being on the participation council in my school before this.

All in all, I hope you use this manifesto as evidence for my commitment to this position and vote for me! I promise to do the best I can!

With Love,