Photo of Charmaine Lai

Charmaine Lai

Women in SET: President

Hi everyone!

My name is Charmaine, a third year Physics student running for the position of President for Women in SET.

So why do I want to run? As the President this year, I always aimed to improve the society and make WSET even better known in college. This year, the number of members reached the highest in the past five years, and I also managed to secure sponsorship from a number of prestigious firms. These partnerships will likely carry on next year, meaning you would continue having the chance to network with a range of inspiring people both in academia and industry, which can ultimately help with your studies and future career.

Working alongside a team of amazing committee members, we organised numerous events suited to the members with increased attendance compared to the past few years. In particular, social events with other societies proved quite popular, so I will aim to continue organising those for all of you to get to know other students.

I am more than willing to dedicate my time and energy into being the President, responsible for the smooth-running and well-being of the society. As an organised, approachable and energetic person, I’m keen to build good relationships with all of you and work as part of the committee. I will endeavour to continue listening to concerns and take advice, and contribute all I can to make Women in SET the best it can be.

Thanks for taking the time to read my manifesto.