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Ambika Bharadwaj

Entrepreneurs: Marketing Officer

Hello, my name is Ambika Bharadwaj and I am a 1st Year Molecular Bioengineering Student. I have always been interested in Marketing & Publicity, and throughout my schooling, I actively participated in all things cultural! I have had experience in Publicity:
(1) I was the editor for my School's magazine in Year 11
(2) I was the President of Cultural Affairs in year 12
(3) I am a President's Ambassador at Imperial
(4) I am in the sub-committee for Hindu Society & Punjabi Society, at Imperial
(5) I am and ASK officer at Imperial
(6) I am an Academic Rep for Business & Professional Studies Horizons at Imperial
(7) I am also a Student Blogger at Imperial!
All of these posts have given me ample exposure in terms of: interaction with people, communicating & expressing things creatively. I'm creative, I have good people-skills & communication skills, and if elected, I promise to give my 100% to the post of Publicity Officer!