Photo of Sami Osborn

Sami Osborn

Entrepreneurs: Treasurer

As Treasurer I shall carefully manage the expenses of the Entrepreneurs Society.

I will listen to the demands of the members to understand what to prioritise in terms of how much should be allocated.

To protect against a shortage of money I shall forecast costs and factor in an additional percentage for potential additional expenses.

I am a highly organised person, and I currently organise my weekly spending through various excel spreadsheets so this will not be a role I am not suited for.

With an analytical perspective I shall be an effective Treasurer, keeping an exact track of funds.

This past year I have been a 3rd year Mathematics Academic Representative, so I have previously held positions of responsibility.

I would be an active communicator when being the Treasurer, ensuring that the rest of the Society, in particular the Heads, are made aware of where money is spent.