Photo of Tudor Trita Trita

Tudor Trita Trita

Entrepreneurs: Chair

Hi everyone, I'm Tudor, and I'm the current secretary of Imperial Entrepreneurs.

As chair, my main goal will be to get as many of our members entrepreneurship experience. I will achieve this by partnering with the Enterprise Lab in running regular workshops, where people can come to create and pitch original ideas, network with peers and get involved with different entrepreneurship-style exercises. I will be organising larger workshops as well, where we can invite top students from other London university's entrepreneurship societies.

As well as the workshops, I will make sure to focus our events on fireside chats and panels, where we invite Imperial alumni and recent entrepreneurs to share their experience to success, as well as any failures that they may have had in their journey.

The career's fair was a huge success this year, and so I will be making sure to hold another one next year, which will be a great event especially for lower years who want to get some part-time or internship experiences at startups.

For those of you are not quite ready to create a start-up yet but want to get a flavour of what it could be like, I will create an online recruiting hub, where members can drop their CV in, and startups can recruit straight from us.

I believe that entrepreneurship is a vital skill to have, and as the chair of Imperial Entrepreneurs I will ensure that our society plays an active role in supporting all of you!

Thank you!