Photo of Luis Wenus

Luis Wenus

Entrepreneurs: Chair

Hey, I’m Luis! I’m running for chair of Imperial Entrepreneurs next year. My running mate, Shayndhan Sivanathan, and I have been heavily involved in the committee this year, including presiding over the Startup Careers Fair and Future Frontiers Conference. These events had a total of 2300 attendees and truly have given us the confidence and perspective to lead the society next year. We will take that experience and make next year’s events even bigger - continuing to spread the entrepreneurial spirit at Imperial!!

I have always been and active entrepreneur. Currently I’m actually a core member of a start-up here at Imperial, where I met my co-founders through one of this year’s initiatives, Ideation Mondays.

Shay and I hope to build upon the success of this year’s events with new and innovate ideas for next year. We aim to create entrepreneurial competitions which pledge to fund deserving small-scale startups through our society. We both believe the society’s funds and sponsorships are best spent on our members – this is YOUR society! ?

Moreover, we are also planning a trip to Silicon Valley – exclusively to the start-up hubs in San Francisco. We plan to visit small scale start-ups and see how today’s biggest tech companies started. We’ve even started reaching out to sponsors already. Get your sunglasses and laptops ready!

Bottom line: vote for Shay and I if you want a super active Imperial Entrepreneurs Society with loads of events, interesting and famous speakers, start-up initiatives and a trip to Silicon Valley!