Photo of Piyush Varma

Piyush Varma

Paediatrics: Academic Officer

Hi there! My name is Piyush and I am running to be your Academic Officer for Imperial Paediatrics Society 2019/20. Having been involved in Play Team over the past 2 years, in the capacity as both a volunteer and as a Team Leader, I would love to have the opportunity to continue working with this society, and all the wonderful people encompassed within it. A friendly, approachable figure, I believe I have the calm and collected demeanour and the organisational acumen required to run the range of events hosted by the academic team in the Paediatrics society, demonstrated by my successful undertaking of a number of roles within the ICSM infrastructure (ICSM Welfare Campaigns Team, Year 3 academic representative, RAG committee, among others). I also love working alongside other individuals and teams, and cannot (hopefully!) wait for the challenge of helping to ensure a smooth and enjoyable Conference. If elected, I would push for further advertising of OSPE tutoring, and perhaps a widening of the reach of current OSCE tutoring within the society, among doing the best job possible regarding the roles already entailed within the umbrella of Academic Officer. Remember: Do no Harm, only Varm.