Photo of Kamal Shah

Kamal Shah

Paediatrics: Conference Chair

My name is Kamal, a 3rd year student. Having attended and enjoyed numerous conferences over the last few years, I would love the opportunity to run the annual conference to offer an insight into paediatrics and the latest research, interactive workshops and talks by renowned paediatricians.

I am fortunate enough to be the president of Hindu Society, one of Imperial’s largest societies and have experience in leading a large team of individuals, hosting events with attendances of over 350 people. This year, we created a brand new, televised event in collaboration with two other London Universities. I have gained skills needed in holding a conference such as booking venues, organising speakers and workshops, gaining sponsorship (over £3000 this year for the society) and marketing effectively (with our posts reaching 1000s of people).

If I was elected as the conference chair, I would introduce a symposium where workshop leads and the specialists can debate about the topic at hand, with participation from the audience. I would also like to increase the number of practical workshops by collaborating with other medical societies. Publicity can be improved by forming good relations with other paediatric societies, asking them to share our events and making use of Facebook’s paid advertising, increasing participation from students from other universities. I would also try and improve interest amongst the younger years by having a short introduction to paediatrics as a speciality and incorporating Play Team into the conference; advertising volunteering opportunities.