Photo of Daniele Cotton

Daniele Cotton

Paediatrics: Conference Chair

Hi! I’m Dan Cotton – here’s why I’d love to be Conference Chair for the 2020 Paediatrics Society Conference!
I’ve been an active member of paediatrics society since joining in 2017, attending our conferences, volunteering with play team, and fundraising for our partner charities! This involvement has been extremely rewarding, so this year I’d like to take my role a step further, as the Conference Chair!
My goal is to run a stimulating, motivating and engaging conference, that inspires students to pursue their interest in Paediatrics.
In 2018 I helped run the Genetics and Genomics conference with Imperial College’s Clinical Genetics Society, so I have experience with the demands and organisational requirements of running a conference.
I’d like to engage in a dialogue with current Paediatrics Society members to identify our shared areas of interest and identify where we’d like to use workshops to build our skills. Through this I can work with the society to run a conference that’s tailored to us!