Photo of Seeta Patel

Seeta Patel

Paediatrics: Volunteer Coordinator

Jenny and I are running for the position of Volunteer Coordinator together.

I am Seeta, a fourth-year medic and have been a member of Paediatrics society for the last four years. Being a play team leader, and the Paediatrics society Conference Chair last year has enabled me to develop the necessary skills required to organise training days and volunteering schedules.

I am Jenny, and I have volunteered with Paediatrics for one year before and as the previous volunteer coordinator and President for Connect, I have experience in managing rotas and assisting volunteers in their day to day work. I have extensive interest in paediatrics as Lead Volunteer for Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice and a trained paediatric sleep technician at St. Mary’s Hospital.

We both have a great passion for working with children and our previous experience in leadership roles has equipped us with the organisational and communication skills required for this role. We will ensure that we organise groups to anticipate periods where different year groups are less available and accommodate everyone’s needs. We will liaise with team leaders and ensure frequent open communication in order to identify concerns and issues on the wards.

We aim to organise training days well in advance to anticipate any problems and give time for students to obtain the required documentation. This will ensure the smooth running of the recruitment period. During Christmas holidays in particular, we will actively publicise the January training day for new volunteers on Facebook and also around various campuses.