Photo of Mabel Prendergast

Mabel Prendergast

Paediatrics: Volunteer Coordinator

My name is Mabel Prendergast and I am a first year medic who is extremely enthusiastic about paediatrics society. My experience as a play team volunteer and the events of the paediatrics society have exposed me to the fascinating and friendly world of paediatrics. As paediatrics society enriched my first year experience to this extent, I would like to make my own efforts to contribute to the warm atmosphere and explore the field further through this society. I believe that I am suiting to the role of volunteer coordinator as I can balance the role of leadership with teamwork thereby allowing for efficient organisation. Being a committed play team volunteer has furthered my experience of working in a team and taught me the value in using the expertise of individuals to produce a great result. It is especially a pleasure to work within a team of the friendly paediatric society members. I believe that my organisational skills and work ethic are part of my strengths. They have enabled personal successes such as being chair of the medical society of my previous school, coordinating volunteering for the Luxembourgish Autistic Foundation and leading Lego STEM holiday camps for children. I am confident in the fact that I will work hard to carry out the role of volunteer coordinator to the best of my abilities, in order to advance the paediatrics society. Thank you for your vote!