Photo of Ludovica Di Vincenzo

Ludovica Di Vincenzo

Paediatrics: Volunteer Coordinator

Hi! My name is Ludovica, I'm a second year medic, and I'm applying to be Volunteer Coordinator. I've absolutely loved volunteering with Play team over the past two years and look forward to every session. I'd love to be part of recruiting volunteers at freshers fair and have the opportunity to pass on my enthusiasm in introducing them to this amazing society!

I would perform this role to a high standard and make sure everything runs smoothly for you guys throughout the year, from the volunteer training days, polo ordering and distribution to helping you with any queries you may have.
I am very organised and efficient and have had experience on and running multiple committees in senior school, which involved running and organising events, building experience and skills I would bring to this role.

I would be friendly and approachable for all volunteers and work to make the volunteering experience smooth and fun for all of you!

Thank you for considering me!