Photo of Rahul Penumaka

Rahul Penumaka

Paediatrics: Publicity Officer

Hi my name is Rahul, I'm a Third Year medic and I'm applying to be Publicity Officer for Paediatrics society!

My desire to be a part of Paediatrics society comes from my experiences as a volunteer. Walking around the wards, approaching parents and trying to connect with their children was exciting but sometimes difficult. However, whenever we managed to make a kid laugh or helped a family forget their immediate problems, it made any initial concerns seem inconsequential. Volunteering for Paediatrics society has made me more confident in my ability to connect with patients and keen to pursue a career in Paediatrics. As a part of Paediatrics Soc, I would hope to build on the society's current volunteering work, help with next year's Paediatric conference and come up with new exciting initiatives. Previously, I have worked as Media Officer for the Global Health Society, and as Imperial's representative for the National Student Association of Medical Research.

As part of my role as publicity officer, I would focus my attention on promoting the society's conferences and talks. I believe this begins with revitalizing the facebook page, creating an Instagram account and using Twitter as a means to contact speakers. I will work to ensure our pages are updated regularly and that we maximize outreach. I believe regular contact with our mailing group is also important and I hope to work to make our newsletter more engaging. I hope you'll elect me to help make our society better than ever next year!