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Praneeth Vedagiri

Paediatrics: Publicity Officer

Hi everyone!!

I've been a part of play team for 3 years now. That's 3 years of knowledge of how the society runs, where we are lacking and how we could make the society even better. I know very well the challenges we face, particularly in the maintenance of our social media accounts, but I also know how I will tackle these issues. I am a creative individual, enthusiastic about the society and I understand how important our volunteers are to the society. I will be able to strive towards increasing the number and involvement of our volunteers which would benefit the kids, as well as provide high level marketing to ensure you, as volunteers and members, get the opportunity to further your careers such as through OSPE tutoring and conferences.
One of my many ideas include inspiring weekly posts on Insta and Facebook, based on stories coming directly from you about your day-to-day experiences in the society. I would also love to get freshers and volunteers involved, both in these stories and also on other posts to ensure we show everyone what makes our society work and increase engagement.Giving me the opportunity to be your publicity officer will allow us to raise engagement with the society and ensure that both you and the children realise your full potential in the society. Given my background in photography and active engagement on social media accounts, I feel I would be an ideal candidate for this job
Thank you!