Photo of Michelle Kunc

Michelle Kunc

Paediatrics: President

Hi! I’m Michelle, a 4th Year medic and I am running for Paediatrics President this year! I am very organised and committed, with a thorough understanding of what it means to be part of Paediatrics society. I have been involved in many aspects of the society since my first year at ICSM, including Play Team, Paediatrics conferences and academic events that have taken place over the years.
I have been Play Team Chair this year, which involves organising all the volunteers for Play Team and ensuring everyone has their documents sorted. This challenged and improved my organisational, time management and communication skills. I am involved in the MedEd Mock OSCE sub-committee and have volunteered at various academic event, as well as tutored over the years, so understand the high standard which needs to be maintained over the different academic events.
I have great pleasure in being part of Paediatrics Society. I want to include more academic events over the year to help those in 5th year prepare for PACES, but also to encourage the younger years towards Paediatrics, such as introducing a Buddy Scheme. I want to open the society up more to the non-medics, to help integrate and include those who want to take part in Play Team and the other events we run. I will introduce more social events, such as the successful Fun Run, to increase the connections between the years. I am looking forward to leading and improving this amazing society even further!