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Callum Parr

Paediatrics: President

Hey I'm Callum, a third year medic, and I'm running for Paeds President this year :)

PaedsSoc has been a big part of my med school experience so far, and I've been a volunteer, a Play Team leader and also been on the committee as the Liaison Officer. I've gained a really good insight into the workings of both Play Team and the academic side of the society and I would love to be able to push the society further as president.

This year my main achievements have been setting up OSPE tutoring for the 2nd years and shortening the length of the training days (which we can all agree were farrrrr too long).

As president I would like to:
1) Continue the work of this year's presidents to set up a volunteering scheme to provide physical contact for babies in the NICU - tl;dr play team with babies
2) Remove the need for returning volunteers to go to the training days
3) Increase the opportunities for members to get into Paeds research
4) Build on the educational aspects of the society (tutoring, mock exams, lecture series)

Thanks for reading, I would love to be push the society even further and so I hope you'll vote for me :)