Photo of Mingrou Xie

Mingrou Xie

Chemical Engineering: Departmental Academic Representative

Hello! I am the current 3rd Year Rep. Together with Ane, we are third years running to be your Departmental Representatives next year.

Together, we have FOUR new ideas. Two of them are in Ane’s manifesto, and here are the other two:

• Reduction of time spent on coursework. It is common to see students overspending the estimated amount of time on projects. We think it is definitely not healthy nor beneficial for academic performance, especially when students pull so many all-nighters. To tackle this, we will implement a survey to determine the exact amount of time spent on coursework, and why students put in so much time. We can then use this information to look for ways to reduce coursework time together with the Department.

• Designated coursework rooms. We want to push for designated rooms for major projects in each year. For instance, various projects like RDCP and Flowsheeting happen at the same time. Not only do the study rooms become noisy and unconducive for studying, but students also cannot find seats to study. We will work with the Department to allocate more rooms to coursework and leave the study room for studying purposes.

Additionally, we’d like to continue the amazing idea of the Citizenship Awards that this year’s Dep Reps had, as we think it is equally important to recognise students for their contribution to the department as it is for their academic achievements.

If you like our ideas, and who we are, do vote for MINGROU and ANE!