Photo of Athanasios Charos

Athanasios Charos

Chemical Engineering: Departmental Academic Representative

Dear all, my name is ATHANASIOS CHAROS, but you may know me as THANOS. I am a second year undergraduate and a proud dad of 6 ChemEng children. In both my first and second year, I have been elected as an Academic Representative for my class, always trying my best to resolve day to day issues but also to impact the larger Department community. During this time, I have learnt how our Department works, where to seek help and most importantly, how to most effectively communicate the issues my peers have, with the appropriate people.
This year I am running for Departmental Representative because I believe I can positively contribute to our academic experience at Imperial. I strongly believe that during our studies at Imperial, we must all take advantage of the opportunities that arise, in order to get the best possible experience. Therefore, I am certain that an effective cooperation with the ChemEng Society, the academic stuff and all the students that want to contribute, will create the ideal environment for new, exciting events and a great academic year.
All in all, I am asking you to trust me with your vote and expect an exciting academic year, and of course if you have any suggestions or concerns, feel free to talk to me!