Photo of Ane Garcia Gauna

Ane Garcia Gauna

Chemical Engineering: Departmental Academic Representative

I´m currently the Treasurer for ChemEngSoc and I was 1st Year Rep.
Together with Mingrou, we are third years running to be your Departamental Representatives next year.

Together we have FOUR new ideas. Two of them are in Mingrou’s manifesto, and here are the other two:

•Study rooms' temperature. How many times have you heard a student say that the big study room is too warm and that the new study room is too cold? We´ve lost count. This has been an issue ever since we joined ChemEng and we are determined to change it. We will work closely with the Department to provide a short-term solution, such as implementing fans and heaters. But more importantly we´ll try to obtain a long-term solution such as installing air conditioning.

•Bigger social space. We believe that it is important for students to have a place where we can all unwind and have fun. Additionally, students don´t have a place to study anymore because the study rooms have turned into the social space. The solution to this is having a new social space. We will collaborate with the Department to find a room and we´ll also love to hear your opinions about its design through surveys.

Additionally, we´d like to continue the amazing idea of the Citizenship Awards that this year´s Dep Reps had, as we think it is equally important to recognise students for their contribution to the department as it is for their academic achievements.

Vote for Ane & Mingrou!