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Aparna Pillai

Physics: Departmental Academic Representative

Hey guys!

My name is Aparna! I am currently a first year student :). I know I am entering this position quite early-on, however, I have already been involved in the academic representative network this year, and have experience in similar positions from my prior education (chairing MUN-model united nations and organising TEDx).

To tell you a little bit about myself and why I believe you should vote for me: I am a very passionate and compassionate person. I love meeting new people and love helping in any way possible! I usually go out of my way to make sure those around me aren't distressed or worried about something that can easily be fixed. As your future department representative I promise to keep the network of academic representative feedback active so that I am informed about any difficulties being faced by students in all years, and will make sure to do my best to resolve any issues and/or provide you with solutions.

I am also very organised when it comes to managing meetings and instigating communication so I can ensure that once a problem or issue is brought forward that I will address it right away, and my first year peers can vouch for my commitment.

All in all, I would be so grateful if you gave me the opportunity to represent you and help you make the best of your education here at Imperial's Physics department!

Thank you for taking your time to read this!!!

With Love,
Aparna (Api) :)