Photo of Snehil Kumar

Snehil Kumar

Electrical & Electronic Engineering: Departmental Academic Representative

Hi everyone! I am Snehil Kumar, a second-year student and I wish to become your Department Academic Representative.

Over the past two years, I have closely observed how the department functions as a student and the second-year wellbeing representative. Being on the same boat as my peers, I have realized the academic reputation of our course and the pressures of thriving in a competitive environment. I would love to cater and support my companEEEons in the best possible way.

As a department representative, I will be responsible to cater to every student and speak up on their behalf, act as an active source of contact between the staff and the students, and between the Year Representatives and the Union.

As the Department Representative, I wish to-
1. Introduce more uniform and standardized conduction of lab orals and make it compulsory to provide a proper feedback for every experiment
2. Conduct frequent academic feedback to ensure student satisfaction and improve involvement of students in SOLE and NSS surveys.
3. Make efforts to overcome the challenges and help students adapt to the curriculum changes in the latest curriculum review
4. Organize projects and events in co-operation with other departments
5. Apart from movie and curry nights, organize a study night for a particular year students when deadlines are close

Just like every Department Academic Representative, I will be available to all the students and address their issues and concerns with utmost responsibility.