Photo of Kanav Agarwal

Kanav Agarwal

Electrical & Electronic Engineering: Departmental Academic Representative

Hi, my name is Kanav, and I am a second year EEE student. The responsibilities of a Departmental Academic Representative include understanding the issues being faced by the students and the staff, and finding a satisfactory solution through discussions in the Student Staff Committee meetings or the Student Union. Another important responsibility is to establish an active method of communication between the members of the academic representation body, which in turn helps the new representatives fit their roles effectively.

Having been elected for two consecutive years as the Academic Year Representative, I have gained invaluable experience that is required to efficiently carry out the responsibilities held by the Departmental Academic Representative. I have worked closely with current members of the Student Staff Committee to ensure that the academic environment of the students caters to their needs as well as their concerns and opinions are voiced at a level where discussions, followed by actions, can take place.

As far as my experience goes, I was involved in the curriculum review for the incoming batch of students in 2019, helped in organising “Meet the Reps” event to make the students aware who their representatives are, arranged Inter Year Meetings for the benefit of the junior year students, efficiently solved problems faced by the second year students such as lab timing constraints, logbook time-stamping and availability of Panopto recordings of lectures as well as classes.

Finally, for all the above stated above and more, vote for me as your Departmental Academic Representative.