Photo of Luay Al Hinai

Luay Al Hinai

Bioengineering: Departmental Academic Representative

Legacy: As we are approaching our final year, it is good to start thinking about leaving something expedient behind, as a department, that would not only contribute to the journey of those who will come after us, but also creates new opportunities. A name is forgotten, a face fades… but great efforts resonate.

Unity: Imperial prides itself with the luxuriant amount of cultures it hosts. Each of, carrying with them their own unique heritage, perspectives, exposures and stories. Connecting this diverse community will enable us to access this tremendous source of invaluable knowledge, opinions and experiences.

Academia: My duty is to maintain an appropriate, enriching and inviting learning environment and looking over all issues that concern our academic life. However, more importantly, I intend, with your aid, to look into incorporating new approaches to the way our course is structured and taught, that will enhance and add to the quality of our experience at Imperial College

You: I am here to listen, and I am here for you. I want to hear your thoughts, opinion, ideas, complaints, what makes you happy, what makes you sad, your hopes and dreams. Under the scope of cohorts and staff. we are individuals with our own passions and aspirations. In essence, in life, all we really have are the connections we make and the people we meet. I am here to help carry your ideas and thoughts across, no matter how 'trivial' or 'self-indulgent' you might think they are, I want to be involved.