Photo of Abhishek Roy

Abhishek Roy

Bioengineering: Departmental Academic Representative

How do we know you’ll actually do any work. What have you done for Bioeng so far?
1. Baked free brownies in the middle of exams 2018 (Hopefully can make it recurring).
2. Free hot chocolate and crafts event and setting up the Bioeng Christmas Tree.
3. Lead Organiser, HealthHack 2019.
4. Organising and administrating Bioeng Merchandise with Shien.
5. Logistics for web dev course, Teaching 3D printing and Latex tutorial.

Experience –
1. Public Relations Officer, Bioeng Soc.
2. Academic and Technical Events Officer, Bioeng Soc.
3. Year 3 Wellbeing Rep.

Why is experience Important?

It’s helped me understand College policies and limitations in them. This allows me to set realistic, feasible goals. I can identify the right person to approach to solve a problem and have a good relationship with tutors and the student office.

What will you push for / do as dep rep?

1. Bring in Piazza, a web forum where students can ask questions and GTA’s professors and other students can answer them. Like Reddit for engineering. Currently used in EEE.
2. Twice a term surveys to get feedback and suggestions for students’ courses – started by Alexandra Bosman, Y3 EEE rep.
3. Continue the ongoing push for a Bioeng common room.
4. Integration of the rep network with Bioeng soc to run joint events/campaigns.
5. Create a cloud archive for reps where survey results, updates from student staff meetings etc are stored for future reps.