Photo of Ashiq Abdul Khader

Ashiq Abdul Khader

Medical Education: Year 4 Coordinator

As someone who is heavily involved in medical education teaching over the past 4 years at Imperial, I would love the opportunity to undertake the role of Year 4 Coordinator.

As a current committee member of Surgical Society and Heart Society, I am well adept in management and communication skills as well as undertaking lead roles in planning major society events. This year I am the primary lead for Surgical Society’s mock OSCE, my experience in planning this event has not only required efficient time management and interpersonal skills, but my skills acquired in coordinating an event of this scale will provide value in the organisation and provision of BSc events. I have led the organisation of Heart Society’s CVS lecture programme for 1st years – which involved liaising with tutors to plan lecture content, while also organising feedback from the attendees. I also have vast experience in teaching: lecturing/tutoring at the junior anatomy series, CVS weekend, year 1 clinical communication simulations and for Muslim Medics. In addition, I have also served the last year as Cardio BSc representative for Heart Society. As a result of my experiences and dedications at these events, I am very comfortable in the roles involved in the provision of educational programmes – which I believe is a useful asset I can bring to the role of Year 4 coordinator.