Photo of Anita Bolina

Anita Bolina

Medical Education: Year 4 Coordinator

Hi everyone, my name is Anita (aka DJ Bolina) and I am running to be your MedEd Year 4 Coordinator. I am a Pharmacology BSc student and I fully understand how daunting year 4 can be. Essay writing, oral presentations, biomeds knowing more than us - need I say more! As Pharmacology BSc representative, I have acted on feedback from students to improve the course and acted on any complaints. I have attended SSLG meetings and my ideas will be implemented for future Pharmacology cohorts. I have noticed the discrepancies in teaching between BScs and how prepared people feel for their ICAs. I aim to implement a new series of tutorials to help cover the basics for the year, as well as specific course based tutorials tailored to the new exam free format. These will include oral presentations, essay writing, lab reports and advice based tutorials for final year projects, and including older years as points of contact.
I am heavily involved in medical education at Imperial, leading preclinical tutorials, working as an OSPE examiner and OSCE tutor. I am the newly appointed JASME representative and look to combine that with MedEd to provide more opportunities to get involved in medical education. I have also held several leadership positions including Oncology Society President, so I am extremely comfortable in leading a team. I have all the skills required for the role, and I am always open to new suggestions (and song requests!) Thank you for reading and please vote for me!