Photo of Michelle Kunc

Michelle Kunc

Medical Education: Year 5 Co-ordinator

Hi! My name is Michelle, currently a 4th Year. MedEd is a vital part of medical school, helping all students through various exams – I know it helped me last year! – and I would love to be part of next year’s committee. I have experience with teaching both within and outside of medical school, as well as taking part in various OSCE tutoring groups. Teaching has encouraged me to be organised and have good communication skills which I will use to liaise with various doctors and tutors. I have been involved in writing academic guides for tutoring companies, where I have improved my writing skills and understanding of the level which it needs to be written for. I am involved in the MedEd Mock OSCE sub-committee this year, which will encourage me to have a better understanding of the managerial side, however I have taken part as OSPE/OSCE examiner and OSCE/PACES volunteer over the years.
I believe I have the skills to take on the role of 5th Year Coordinator, to tackle any challenges with passion and make sure that every part of the 5th Year Scheme is done to the highest standard. I look forward to being part of the MedEd 2019/2020 committee!