Photo of Yvonne Tsitsiou

Yvonne Tsitsiou

Medical Education: Co-Chair

Hey there, my name is Yvonne and I am a 4th year medic who is very passionate about medical education. Coming to Imperial I was impressed by how much support is given by other students and I honestly believe that without it medicine would be x1000 more difficult. The contribution of this society to medical students is inspiring and invaluable and I would be honoured to have the opportunity to continue this incredible tradition which MedEd has set.

By being involved in multiple committees over the past four years, organising mock OSPEs, OSCEs, and Year 5/6 PACEs through my role as the Academic Officer of Drama and General Committee of Surgsoc, lecturing in JAS, acting as an examiner in mocks and OSCE tutoring, I have gained a great skill set for this role. These have improved my leadership and team work skills, peer-to-peer communication, public speaking, organisation and enlightened me to both the demands of such a role and my passion for medical education.

My aims as the co-chair involve: 1. To sustain all the current amazing activities of MedEd. 2. Apply your feedback to improve. 3. Ensure that all Year 4 BSc are supported by ex-BSc students for guidance and structure. 4. Provide mock PACEs for Year 6 students. 5. Listen to your needs and attempt to materialise them.