Photo of Sally Barker

Sally Barker

Medical Education: Co-Chair

Hi guys, my name is Sally, I’m a 4th year and I’m running for the position of MedEd Co-Chair.
As we all know, MedEd is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to thriving academically at ICSM. I would love to help continue its legacy.
Here’s why I think I could do the role well:
As Vice-President for CMF, I have honed the skills necessary for any leadership role. These include; managing large teams, extreme admin, organising events such as mock OSCEs and liaising with other committee members. I also have extensive lecturing experience, for MedEd amongst others. This has necessitated confident presentation skills, liaison with the MedEd committee and showcasing to sponsors. Consequently, I understand the complex logistics of the society, as well as the responsibility of upholding its reputation. This also means I have experienced the evolving needs of preclinical and clinical years as both a student and teacher. Bringing such skills and experiences together, I feel I could be a diligent, proactive and responsive Co-Chair.
My main aims for the role:
Firstly I would aim to maintain and strengthen MedEd’s current services. Secondly, I would promote feedback/suggestions prior to starting lecture series, to ensure needs are addressed. Thirdly, to strengthen the publicity and organisation of BSc and preclinical tutorial collaborations. Lastly, as a new concept, I would love to introduce preclinical tutorials on smart study skills, potentially by collaborating with ICSM Welfare, to enhance the well-being and academic success of ICSM for years to come.