Photo of Andrew Ting

Andrew Ting

Surgical: Research Representative

Hello! I’m Andrew, a 4th year medic intercalating in biomedical engineering and I’m running to be your Research Representative.

This society has provided a plethora of fantastic events and opportunities for us all this year and I would love to build on that success in an area as interesting as research.

I have taken part in various research projects including audits, case reports, and clinical research so I believe I have enough experience to help others. I showed that I’m a proactive person when I organised a summer research placement in the largest teaching hospital and university in Malaysia with the top epilepsy expert in the country. This will be not a small role but I believe I have the organisational and time management skills required as I am currently ICSMWP’s treasurer and IC RAG’s vice chair.

My main goal will be to provide every interested student the opportunity to get involved with research and I aim to achieve this goal by:
1) Setting up a database of consultants and active researchers happy to take on medical students
2) Organising talks by academics on how to get involved with research, find opportunities and the academic career path options
3) Being a proactive committee member of the society as a whole

There is nothing more I’d like to do than to give everyone the chance to flourish and if you vote for me, I will work my absolute hardest to achieve that. Thank you!